Our History

  • 2019:

    AVG announces its first Series A capital raise to build its Gen II product for commercilaizatiion.

    AVG files several additional patents protecting its laser technology and its applications.

    AVG establishes partnership with Research Guru to facilitate its Quality System and Research Efforts

  • 2018:

    AVG establishes partnership with Pantec BioSolutions, AG, a Liechtenstein corporation, to develop its next generation laser technology and products.

    AVG establishes a clinical site in Makati City, Philippines at the Asian Eye Institute with Dr. Bobby Ang for its early pilot studies.

  • 2017:

    AVG completes a second round of financing of $5M to develop its hands free Gen II scanning laser system and additional clinical applications.

    AVG completes its first animal studies and clinical study report on its first in man with the Gen II prototype.

  • 2016:

    AVG signs a research agreement with the University of Virginia Biomedical Engineering program to conduct the Proof of Concept modelling work for the company. When complete, AVG will have not only the proof of concept completed but will also have been the first company to produce the world’s first whole eye accommodation biomechanical model.

    AVG signs Investment agreement with POALIM CAPITAL MARKETS, a china investment banking firm to raise an initial tranche of up to $5M in Asia to fund the Company’s program for R&D, manufacturing & Development Program and subsequent Asia core seed market commercial launch.

  • 2015:

    AVG receives a $75,000 Grant from the SNEC to conduct its wound healing studies scheduled to begin in June of 2015.

    AVG establishes its new clinical study site with Sedna Hospital, Mexico City, Mexico and names Dr. Guillermo Ocampo, MD as Principle Investigator for the LaserACE® Procedure.

  • 2014:

    AVG files an uber patent in March 2014 on behalf of its future technology device development efforts.

    AVG holds its first ISO: 13485 (Design & Manufacturing) Quality meeting in Newark California for its certification.

    AVG conducts its first international Couse in Japan at the World Ophthalmology Congress in April 2014 with over 25 invited ophthalmologists from Japan and Asia Pacific Rim.

    AVG conducts its first clinical training in Tokyo Japan at the Minamiaoyama Eye Clinic. AVG names its first Principal Investigator in Japan, Dr. Kazuo Tsubota, MD, PHD. Dr. Tsubota performs surgery on the first LaserACE® patient in Japan in April 2014.

    AVG establishes a collaboration with the Singapore National Eye Centre (SNEC) to conduct laser wound healing studies and submits a grant application. AVG names Professor Jod Mehta, MD, PHD of the SNEC as its principle investigator.

    AVG establishes a Joint Venture Company in Mexico City Mexico with Proyectos Investigacion Mexico(PIM) to being its regulatory and clinical trial projects in Mexico. AVG signs an up to $2M capital funding commitment with PIM in December of 2014 to support the company’s clinical trial and development efforts in the country of Mexico.

    AVG establishes its first clinical site in Wenzhou, China at the Wenzhou Medical College and names its Principal Investigator Professor Guang-Ji Wang, MD, OD and Co-Principal investigator Associate Professor Shihao Chen MD,MSc,OD.

    AVG establishes a research relationship with the Eye Hospital Wenzhou Medical College to conduct conjoint research for the company’s proof of concept research. AVG names Dr. FangJun Bao, M.D., M.Sc as its Principal Investigator for this research.

  • 2013:

    AVG completes its enrolment of the Taiwan clinical trial and presents its 1 year data at major ophthalmology world congresses.

    AVG wins the American Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) "Best Paper Award" for its Proof of Concept study entitled "A novel method using Scleral X-linking to evaluate the ability of the LaserACE procedure to decrease ocular rigidity as it relates to the efficiency of intra ocular accommodative forces".

    AVG wins the ASCRS "Poster of Interest Award" on its association of Ocular Rigidity to Age Related Eye Disease entitled "Influence of Ocular Biomechanics, Ocular Rigidity & Loss of Accommodation on Age-Related Changes in the Eye Organ: A New Potential Clinical Significance".

    AVG holds its first USA LaserACE® course during the ASCRS congress meeting with a selection of its USA Medical and Scientific Advisors. AVG names the Honorable Professor John Marshall, PhD, FRCPath, FRCOphth to its scientific advisory board to consult with the company's technology development plans with his vast experience and success in the ophthalmic laser industry.

    AVG signs a consulting contract with Triple Ring Technologies, Inc, device product Development Company in Silicon Valley California to develop its future technology.

    AVG designates Mark Wilder, M.A.Ed as its Chief Technology Advisor. AVG establishes a corporate office in the Triple Ring Technologies' incubator facility in Silicon Valley, Newark California.

  • 2012:

    AVG launches its first IRB registered Clinical Trial in Taipei Taiwan in March of 2012 and first LaserACE® procedure in the world is performed by Dr. David HK Ma, MD, PhD in March 2012.

    AVG with collaboration of Vision ReNU establishes a partnership with IKI-Medical Industries the largest distributor for NIDEK lasers in China.

    AVG adds its first Clinical Site in China at the prestigious Fudan Ear & Eye Institute in Shanghai, China and names Dr. Zhou Xing Tao, MD, PhD as its first Principal Investigator in China. Dr. Tao performs his first LaserACE® procedures in Shanghai China with AVG's Global Medical Director, Dr. Mitchell A. Jackson, Chicago, IL. USA in X of 2012

    AVG conducts a groundbreaking study for its PROOF OF CONCEPT with National Taiwan University Department of Biomedical Engineering with Chair Professor Jaw- Lin Wang, PHD.

    Vision ReNu becomes significant shareholder in Ace Vision Group. AVG with Vision ReNu collaboration establishes international headquarters in Taiwan including a business office, a state of the art LaserACE® surgical center and affiliated optometric clinic.

    AVG raises an additional $2.1M with an USA Angel Investor and with Taiwan/Chinese investors through Vision ReNu.to support development and manufacturing plan.

  • 2011:

    AVG receives Taiwan FDA approval in October of 2011 and China FDA approval in December of 2011.

    Vision ReNu becomes significant shareholder in Ace Vision Group. AVG raised $2.1M through Taiwan investors to support the company's efforts to establish international headquarters in Taiwan including a business office, a state of the art LaserACE® surgical center and affiliated optometric clinic. Regulatory submissions for both Taiwan FDA and China sFDA were achieved

    AVG holds its first LaserACE® official course in Taipei Taiwan with over 30 invited ophthalmologists from Taiwan and China. AVG receives an approval response from the US patent office in January 2011 from its patent application "Method & Apparatus to change biological tissues" System and method for treating connective tissues" submitted in 2003

  • 2010:

    AVG selects the Chang Gung Memorial Hospital in Taipei, Taiwan as its Institutional partner to conduct the world's first LaserACE® procedure IRB registered clinical trials. Dr. David Hui-Kang Ma, MD, PHD is named the official Principle Investigator for Taiwan to perform the first LaserACE® procedures in a clinical trial in the world. Dr. Chi-Chin Sun, MD is named Co-Principal Investigator.

  • 2008:

    AVG in collaboration with Vision ReNu and Emergo Group Jytong successfully complete regulatory submissions to both Taiwan FDA and China FDA approval for its laser and procedure.

    AVG establishes its ISO: 13485 (Design & Manufacturing) certification.

  • 2007:

    AVG establishes Taiwan partnership with Vision ReNu Taiwan Corporation for R&D, clinical trials and development of the company's technology including manufacturing of surgical instruments and collagen biomaterials.AVG receives a US FDA 510K FDA market clearance for the VisioLite® Er:YAG Ophthalmic Laser System Gen I device and conducts a multicentre international pilot study of 134 eyes of 67 patients. The outcomes were followed through 18 months showing the early safety and efficacy results of the procedure.

  • 2006:

    Ace Vision Group, Inc.(AVG) was established in 2006 as a medical device company developing eye laser technology and natural therapeutic procedures to treat age-related eye dysfunction.

    AVG is the developer of the VisioLite® bladeless microsurgery Er:YAG Ophthalmic Laser System and patented innovative LaserACE® procedure for the treatment of presbyopia (the progressive loss of the eye's ability to focus on close objects that typically becomes apparent in a person's early to mid-40's). AVG raises $3.1M to implement its business plan. AVG receives approval for a CE mark in the European Union for its Gen I laser technology and names BSI Industries as its notifying body.

Note: LSM is not yet FDA approved or available in the United States. It is currently in clinical trials only in select areas outside of the United States.

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